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Food preparation tips

To present puréed foods in the most attractive way, our dedicated chef has put together some food preparation tips:

  • When preparing meals with more than one component (e.g. meat, potatoes and carrots), purée the foods separately and put them on the plate separately. This means that the flavour and the colour of the individual foods are maintained much as they are in a normal meal. Food can even be shaped using special food moulds so that it more closely resembles the original ingredient (see section “cooking equipment and utensils”).
  • Foods and drinks thickened with Nutilis Powder can be chilled, frozen and reheated. Many people find it easy to make batches of food they eat relatively often and freeze the extra portions for later use (if you freeze the food in ice cube trays, it allows easy control of portions as you need only defrost and reheat as many cubes as you need for each meal).
  • Bread and other foods made with grain, such as biscuits and cakes, are a particular problem for patients with swallowing difficulties. The granular structure of these foods means that they are extremely hard to swallow. Using Nutilis Powder soaking solutions can help you achieve a smooth texture with these foods. The soaking solution recipe can be found in the recipe section of this website.