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Catering tips

It is possible to prepare more than one serving of thickened foods in advance to freeze and use at a later stage. You can prepare the ingredients for any of our other recipes for multiple servings by multiplying the quantities.

The prepared foods can be stored in the freezer and reheated for eating at any stage. To store prepared foods in the freezer, please use the following storage instructions

  • Place frozen food into clean freezer bags. Do not overfill
  • Seal the freezer bags and label each separately, stating
    • Content of the mould
    • Date of preparation
    • Best before date (no more than three months)
  • Reseal bags after each use to avoid freezer burns
  • In the event of freezer burns discard food
  • Check regularly for damage to bags and discard expired items
  • Do not re-use bags


  • Place frozen shape on a plate, cover and defrost in fridge for two to three hours
  • Reheat in combi oven, steamer or microwave (650W for 1-1.5 minutes)